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Nurse Aide

The Nurse Aide program is offered as a 2-week/4- week/ 6- week comprehensive course designed to teach students the fundamental skills needed to provide basic care to those in need.  Patient care areas range from nursing homes, hospice, hospitals, home care and more. The Nurse Aide Program includes a combination of classroom learning, laboratory practice, and supervised hands-on clinical training in a Long-Term Care facility.   • Nurse Aide employment includes but not limited to opportunities in long- term care facilities, residential home care, hospitalized care, home health and hospice care, assistant living, private duty and travel agency industry. Next class dates: (2 weeks = 04/15/24, 05/06/24, 06/03/24, 07/08/24) (4 weeks= 05/06/24, 06/03/24, 07/08/24, 09/03/24, 10/07/24) (6 weeks= 07/06/24, 09/07/24).

Tuition: $ 600 + student required materials


*******New offering by Texas Health and Human Services: Free 60 hours of Computer Based Training towards Nurse Aide Certification. Remaining 40 hours to be completed with a NATCEP program for Clinical Based Training. See link for details:

40-hour Clinicals for Computer Based Training Only: $550 (For HHS 60-hour Classroom Computer Based Training Only Course for Nurse Aide) **must present computer-based training certificate to register for clinical training.


Medication Aide

The Medication Aide program is an 8- week comprehensive course designed to teach students the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to administer safe medication administration. The Medication Aide Program includes a combination of classroom learning, laboratory practice, and supervised hands-on clinical a facility. Graduates of this program will be knowledgeable in basic principles of drug action, medication therapy and measurement and dosage calculations as framework. The course teaches principles for safe administration of medication and the importance of being an effective member of a team within a long-term care facility, communication with patients effectively, recognize medical emergencies, provide hands on daily care needs while respecting and observing resident rights. Next class dates: 05/06/24, 09/03/24, 10/07/24

Tuition: $750 + student required fees & materials


Continuing Education* 
Medication Aide -7 hours continuing education 

Cost: $50 (online/in-person)

Nurse Aide -12 hours continuing education

Cost: $50 (online/ in-person)

*Schedule by appointment

Phlebotomy Technician

The 4-week Phlebotomy tech with IV certification course topics such as tubes, common venipuncture sites and anticoagulants, the flow of blood, the theory of phlebotomy, specimen processing, and more. The curriculum of this training includes topics such as selection of equipment, venipuncture on manikin’s arms, hands-on practice experience, performing basic point-of-care testing, such as reading blood glucose levels, preparing blood, urine, and other specimens for testing, selection of catheter site, complications, procedure, and more.  Students will complete 30 venipunctures, 10 capillary punctures, and 10- IV sticks. Students who complete the entirety of the program with a passing grade will be able to take their national certification exam through (NHA) National Healthcare Association.

This training option is a good choice for individuals who have healthcare experience and would like to attend a program that is solely designed for career training and for national certification preparation. Next class dates: 05/06/24, 06/03/24, 07/08/24, 09/03/24, 10/07/24

Cost: $850+ Student required materials


Pharmacy Technician 

The 8-week Pharmacy Technician certificate program is designed to provide you with the knowledge of the skills expected of pharmacy technicians. You’ll learn the history, terminology, laws, and standards of the pharmaceutical profession. Additionally, you’ll learn how to classify drugs, calculate conversions, differentiate between types of medications and their purposes, and gain firsthand knowledge of a pharmacy practice’s operations. 

Next class dates: 05/06/24, 09/03/24, 10/07/24

Cost: $930 + Student required materials


BLS CPR/ CPR and AED/ Basic First Aid
-BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers is a high-level training that helps keep healthcare professionals prepared and ready to respond as they encounter life-threatening emergencies, provide basic life support, and respond to choking and other airway obstruction incidents.

-CPR and AED training is designed specifically for laypeople. The program is an excellent choice for both the community and workplace setting. This training is for individuals who do not work in the healthcare field but are occupationally required to, or desire to, have CPR knowledge and skills, such as emergency response teams in business and industry, school bus drivers, adult residential care personnel, child care workers, teachers, parents, and babysitters.

-Basic First Aid training helps develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and the confidence to respond. Basic First Aid training is an excellent choice for both the community and workplace setting.

Cost: (New) $60, (Recertification) $40

IV Certification
The IV certification course is a training program designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely administer intravenous (IV) therapy.

Cost: $250


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