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This is where your beginning begins

Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Nurse Aide Training
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Small Class Sizes

It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. A class size of fewer than 20 students often results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.

We Make Your Success Our Goal

When success becomes the focus of our

aspirations, it transforms our mindset and propels

us forward on a path of growth and achievement. Setting success as a goal gives us a clear target

to strive for, providing a sense of direction and purpose in our endeavors.

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Payment Plans available
    Also accepting After Pay

Multiple Course  Options

Our business is dedicated to providing a wide range of course options for aspiring students, catering to their diverse educational needs and career aspirations.

CPR/BLS Course

A BLS certification includes CPR training that

 is more intensive. It is a higher level of medical care typically administered by healthcare and public safety professionals.

Flexible Hours

In person, hybrid, days, evenings, fulltime & accelerated classes.


Grievance Policy


 Dear Students: 

This school has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The TWC-assigned school number is: S 6008 . 

The school’s programs are approved by TWC, as well as Texas Health and Human Services. 

Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational programs by following the grievance process outlined in the school’s catalog. Schools are responsible for ensuring and documenting that all students have received a copy of the school’s grievance procedures and for describing these procedures in the school’s published catalog. If, as a student, you were not provided with this information, please inform school management. Students dissatisfied with this school’s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accreditors, if applicable. Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC's  website  at:

For any Unresolved Grievances may be directed to: 

Texas Workforce Commission

Career Schools and Colleges, Room 226T

101 East 15thStreet

Austin, Texas 78778-0001

Phone: (512) 936-6959

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